What Is Signal To Noise Ratio (SNR) In Cellular Signal Booster?

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Cell Phone Signal Booster
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Two of the common issues faced by mobile phone users are bad signal quality and dropped calls. The quality of the cellular signal is determined by the Signal-To-Noise Ratio (SNR). It makes a comparison between the levels of the desired signal and background noise. This is an important performance determinant of cellular devices. Therefore, when installing a cell service booster, SNR impacts the performance of the device. Read on to know more.

Signal To Noise Ratio (SNR)

The SNR of a system is the ratio between the signal level and the noise level; and it is expressed in decibels (dB). SNR is calculated by dividing signal power over noise power. A ratio greater than 1dB indicates that the signal is more than the noise, and a ratio of less than 1dB indicates that the noise is higher than the signal; this type of signal is unusable. For example, if the SNR is 100 dB, it implies that the audio signal is 100 dB greater than its noise level and so on.

Signal To Noise Ratio In (SNR) In Cellular Signal Booster

A cell phone signal booster takes weak carrier signals, amplifies them, and retransmits the amplified signal to improve signal reception. It consists of three components – the outside or donor antenna, the amplifier, and the inside antenna. The input signal is affected by the background interferences generated by the weather, sun’s rays, other radio signals, and cosmic microwave background radiation (CMBR), etc. Therefore, it is impossible to take the carrier signal alone to be amplified by the cell phone signal booster.

The booster system has a certain threshold for interference; after which, it will create problems. As the SNR of a system increases, the data throughput of the channel increases, and vice versa. So, if the noise level of an input signal increases, it decreases the throughput of actual data. Finally, the noise presents itself in the form of unpleasant sound, also known as static. It becomes louder if the interference in the outside signal is not addressed.

Noise And Cell Service Booster

It must be kept in mind that cell phone signal boosters only boost weak carrier signals and do not generate their signals. If there is too much noise in the outside signal, it will be boosted, and the output signal becomes unusable.

On a final note, it is recommended to hire the services of a professional to avoid the issue of noise affecting the performance of cellular signal booster.