Ways To Discover The Cell Site Closest To Your Place

Improve Cell Coverage
Improve Cell Coverage
Improve Cell Coverage
Improve Cell Coverage

Knowing the place where the cell site is located will aid you in finding out whether there exists a simple way of improving cell phone signals. When there are no easy means to improve cell coverage, you must determine the cell site location to know whether a signal amplifier will work for you. Here are some tips and tricks for discovering the exact location of the cell site. For your information, a cell site is also known as a cellular tower.

Using Carrier Coverage Maps

Every single carrier has its own map that displays the areas in which it offers cellular coverage. When you look at the map, remember that it shows just the coverage, not cell site locations, and that the carriers usually have maps for separate purposes, like marketing, sales, etc. When viewing it, pay special attention to the different coverage spots that the carrier has marked with separate colors, like, for instance, red for spotty coverage.

Using Purpose-Built Websites Or Applications

There are some websites where you will be able to locate the cell towers that reside adjacent to your place of work or accommodation. There are also applications with which you can find the same information. One downside to using the sites and apps is that the information available on these will possibly not be updated. These get the cell site-related details from third-party sources, so there is no guarantee that the information will be up to date. Anyhow, the apps and websites offer reliable information on cellular tower locations.

Using A Signal Meter

You may think about utilizing a signal meter to discover the location according to your expertise level, level of required accuracy, and degree of usage. This form of device will be much more accurate, plus it will give you more detailed info on the direction to the right cell site for your cellular carrier.

More Tips

It is good to utilize a purpose-built application to get an idea about the location. Anyhow, you must find out the direction manually with Android or iOS’s Field Test Mode, to verify whether your findings are correct. To determine it in this way, you will have to stand at certain positions of your workplace or residential building and take signal readings at each place. To know how to discover it in this manner, we recommend going through another post about this matter.