Steps To Install A Repeater

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Mobile Phone Repeater

If how to get better cell signal is a puzzle you are determined to solve, then the key to the solution you are searching for is a mobile phone repeater. To know more about the installation process of the same, continue reading.

First things first; when you buy a repeater, check if you have the following essential items in the kit.

  1. Signal booster unit
  2. Indoor antenna
  3. Outdoor antenna
  4. Low loss cable

Now that you have re-checked the kit, let us begin with the installation part. Given below is the step by step procedure you need to follow to install a mobile phone repeater.

Step 1

Let us begin by installing the outdoor antenna first. The idea of placing an outdoor antenna is to enable the device to attract radio frequency signals from nearby locations. With the intention of placing the outdoor antenna at the highest point of the house, it is ideally mounted on the rooftop of a house.

But first, get a confirmation on the direction from which your phone is receiving a signal. Doing that is pretty simple; just walk around with your mobile phone in hand and you will be able to figure that out easily. Always remember to point the outdoor antenna and indoor antenna in two opposite directions. Furthermore, try to maintain a three feet clearance near the installed outdoor antenna.

Step 2

Opt for a temporary installation of the outdoor antenna because you might have to do a few more adjustments in the installation course. You will thank me later!

Step 3

Since you are well aware of that part of your home where the signal is sluggish, run the antenna’s coaxial cable to that particular location. Also, remember that it must also be a location from where you can plug the repeater unit to AC 110V ~ 230V power. Connect these cables to the ‘IN’ port of the signal booster unit. Now attach the adapter to the repeater. Remember to keep the unit away from direct sunlight, excessive heat, and moisture.

Step 4

Connect the indoor antenna to the ‘OUT’ port of the signal booster unit.

Step 5

Switch on the system and check for the signal. If you don’t feel any improvement, try to adjust the outdoor and indoor antennas.

Step 6

Secure the cables and both the antennas. Use waterproof tape if needed. Also, place the signal booster unit in a secure location.