Factors That Can Affect The Working Of Your Signal Boosters

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There are a lot of factors that can affect the working of your cell signal boosters. You have to be aware of these factors for knowing how to ensure the best performance from your boosters. Therefore, we list some of the important factors that can have an adverse impact on the performance of your cellular signal boosters.

Distance From The Cell Tower

For a cell signal booster to provide better signal strength inside a building, it needs to receive signals from the intended service provider. Therefore, you will need better outside signal strength for getting the maximum performance from your signal booster. But if there is a long distance between your home/office and the cell tower, the cell reception in your area will be very low. So the cellular booster will not be able to get signals for boosting and can adversely affect the performance of the same.


This is a problem that can occur in cellular signal boosters because of the lack of antenna separation. The internal and external antennas of cellular boosters should have a minimum distance so that the signals from the internal antenna will not reach the external antenna. If the boosted signals reach the external antenna, it can create a feedback loop which can interfere with the working of signal boosters.

When a cell signal booster detects the problem of oscillation, it will reduce the gain of amplification. This is done to stop the signals from the internal antenna from reaching the outside antenna. Therefore, oscillation can reduce the signal strength provided by the boosters. But if the problem is not solved even after reducing the gain, your signal booster will shut itself off.


Overload is another problem that can negatively affect the working of the signal boosters. If there are one or more cell towers situated near the external antenna, the outside signal strength will be too high which can become difficult for the booster to bear. In such a situation, the booster will shut itself down to prevent any damage to it. If this condition occurs in the case of your booster, you might need to use an attenuator for reducing the strength of the incoming signals to the booster.

Other Problems

There are many other problems that can affect the working of your cell phone signal booster. It ranges from problems with the power supply and loosely connected cables to an overheated amplifier. Hence, check different components of the signal booster for knowing whether they are properly installed.

Above shared are some of the common problems affecting the working of signal boosters. If you are not getting good signal strength from your booster, then check for the above problems.