Myths About Cell Phone Service Booster

Cell Signal Booster
Cell Signal Booster
Cell Signal Booster
Cell Signal Booster

As the number of people using mobile phones are increasing, the incidence of weak and spotty signals are also increasing. As these devices are an important part of our daily lives this is unacceptable at home, office or when travelling. There are multiple ways in which you can get good cell phone reception, like using the Wi-Fi at home or office to make internet calls, stepping outside or to an open space etc. But, the most foolproof and reliable method is to use a cell phone service booster. In spite of more people using it nowadays there are some myths regarding it; the purpose of this post is to address those myths.

Cell Signal Booster Is Illegal

It is not totally false and depends on the country where you reside, in some countries it is illegal while in some others it is legal. So, before purchasing, check whether it is legal or illegal in your country to avoid trouble. Even if you purchase it online, to use them they must be registered with the cellular network or carrier to be able to access the cellular signals, and this is impossible if it is illegal, especially for 5g signal booster.

Cell Signal Boosters Are A Scam

This information was circulated when smartphones were relatively new to people. These scammer products were not capable of boosting cellular signal and swindled people of their money. Nowadays cellular signal boosters work, they are tested and certified by government agencies to ensure quality and performance. So, when purchasing them, make sure that they have stamps of certification from your countries authorised government telecom certification agency.

Cell Signal Booster Interfere With Wi-Fi Network

This is a totally untrue fact because Wi-Fi and cellular signals have totally different operating frequencies and it is impossible for interference. So, there is no chance of interference between them and you need not pay heed to such unscientific facts.

Cell Signal Booster Compete For Wi-Fi Bandwidth With Other Devices

This is not true, but some cellular signal boosting devices like a femtocell use Wi-Fi network for transferring information from the mini cell tower. Cellular signal boosters use the existing cellular signal to boost the signal quality.

Cell Signal Booster Interfere With Cellular Network

This was true in the past when the design of cellular signal boosters were not regulated, but now it is untrue. Reputable and responsible manufacturers ensure that their cellular boosters don’t interfere with the carrier network or the cellular tower. This safeguard is a standard in all the devices that are available now.

Keeping in mind the details shared above, you can find a good cell phone service booster if you face cell signal reception issues.