How To Locate A Cellular Tower?

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Cell Phone Booster
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Cellular Signal Booster

A cellular signal booster is installed can be vehicles, houses, and offices to get proper cellular reception. But, have you ever thought why the strength of the signal in your phone is low?

The cause of low cellular reception can be blamed on the service provider to the hardware of your phone. The position of your cellular tower is also one of the factors that determine whether you get a strong signal or not.

The cellular signal service providers have built towers in different parts of the country and also provide us with their location. But, unfortunately, we might not be able to use it in time of need. However, you do not have to worry. There are other ways to know the location of the nearest cellular tower.

Websites, apps, signal meters, etc can guide you to the nearest tower. Let us see in detail.


There are many websites that point out the location of the cell phone towers in the country. These websites also show your location and the cell phone tower nearest to you. As you close the gap between the tower and your phones, the signal strength will increase.

Cell Mapper

This app provides the most reliable location of the nearest cell phone tower. But, the app does have flaws when it comes to providing quality user experience.

Antenna Search

This website is for those who would like to know more about the tower and signal. It provides an accurate location of the tower and also offers more information.

Smartphone App

There are many mobile apps that can show you where cellular towers are located in your area. In fact, it is easier to use a mobile app than a website.


This app has a compass that points to the nearest tower in your vicinity. However, there have been reports that this app does not work on the latest iPhones.

Network Cell Info Lite

Network Cell Info Lite is the best for finding a cellular tower if you are an android user. This app shows not only the location of the tower but also its ID number. You can also view the reading in dB and dBm which will give a better outlook on the strength of the signal.

LTE Discovery 

This app will show you the best cell service in your area and it is the most used in industries.

Above discussed are a few methods to locate mobile signal towers in your area. If you experience signal problems while using mobile phones, you can use a cellular signal booster to improve signal strengths.