How Does A Cellular Repeater Work?

Improve Cell Coverage
Improve Cell Coverage
Cellular Repeater
Cellular Repeater

Installing a cellular repeater is very essential for improving the signal strength, if you are living in an area where the cell reception is very poor. The poor cell reception can cause dropped calls, undelivered text messages, and slow internet access. There are many factors that cause weak cell reception. If the cell tower is far away from your place, you won’t get a strong signal. Mountains, hills, tall trees and huge buildings may block the signal and result in the bad cell reception in your cell phone.

In this article, we will take a look at how the cellular signal boosters work.

Working Of A Cellular Repeater

To put it simply, a cellular repeater works by taking the weak cell signals outside your building or car, boosting it, and then redistributes the boosted signals inside the building. A signal booster mainly consists of three parts – an outside antenna for capturing the weak outside signals, an amplifier to boost the weak signals, and an inside antenna for rebroadcasting the boosted signals to the multiple devices in the building.

The outside antenna is a major component of the signal booster system. It is usually mounted on a high roof to pull the weak 3G and 4G LTE signals. They usually come in two different types; Omni-directional antenna and Uni-directional antenna. Omni-directional antenna is able to pull week cell signals from a 3600 angle. This type of antenna is mainly used if you want to boost multiple carriers.

The outside antenna receives the weak signals and sends it to the amplifier placed inside the building or a car. The amplifier receives weak signals and amplifies it. An average home amplifier can cover an area of 500 to 7000 sq feet, depending on the strength of the outside signal.

Internal antenna rebroadcasts the amplified cell signals inside the building or the vehicle. Like the outside antenna, two types of inside antenna are also available. A panel antenna is mounted on a wall and rebroadcast the strongest signals to the closest devices. A dome antenna is mounted on the ceiling and distributes the amplified signals equally to all the areas.

Types Of Signal Boosters

There are mainly two types of signal boosters, analog signal boosters, and smart signal booster. Analog signal booster is the most popular cellular booster. They can amplify all types of cell signals across all bands. It makes a perfect choice for boosting cell signals of multiple cell phone service providers. Smart signal boosters are comparatively new to the market and are very advanced signal boosters.