Categorizing A Signal Booster On Different Parameters

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Like we all know a signal booster, also called as a cell phone signal booster is a device that catches the weak RF signals from the nearby cell phone towers to boost it. It has three components namely the donor antenna, the amplifier device, and the rebroadcast antenna. The donor antenna attracts the outdoor signals and transmits them to the booster unit for strengthening these RF signals. After successfully amplifying these weak signals, it is then broadcasted to the inside antenna.

Let us closely analyze its categorizations based on different parameters.

On The Basis Of Location-Specific Needs

On the basis of the places in which a signal booster is used, it is sub-divided into the following two.

  1. Mobile locations

Examples of mobile locations are vans, trucks, RVs, boats, and cars, etc.

  1. Immobile locations

The example of immobile locations is offices, homes, and buildings, etc.

On The Basis Of Cellular Technology

On the basis of the present generations used in cellular technology, it is of two types.

  1. 3G Booster

These are mobile booster devices that are compatible to use with 2G and 3G networks. For instance, a device belonging to this category will be compatible with GSM, UMTS, AWS, CDMA, and HDMA.

  1. 4G Booster

The booster devices belonging to the 4G booster category are considered as highly efficient. This is because they are compatible with 2G, 3G, and 4G technologies. In addition to this, these devices are compatible with LTE, LTE Plus, and Advances LTE network providers also.

On The Basis Of The Consumer Base

On the basis of the consumer base, the signal boosters are of two types and they are discussed below.

Signal Boosters For Consumers

In the case of signal booster devices manufactured for consumers, the functionality is limited to certain targeted areas. For instance, they will work optimally when installed in your house or cars. These are very easy to install and will take less than 20 minutes for an average individual. You will not need a professional team to take care of the installation process for you. Normally, the devices belonging to this category follow the plug and play format.

Signal Boosters For Industrial Uses

In the case of a signal booster device belonging to this category, they will optimally cover larger areas. The most common examples are airports and the campuses of certain educational institutions. They have been manufactured with the aim of supporting a range of users at a time. The installations of the devices belonging to this category require technicians for carefully installing the device.