Having Difficulty Making Calls Inside The House? Here’s How You Can Fix That

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It can get frustrating when you are in the middle of a call and suddenly your smartphone simply gives out on you! One moment you have a crisp voice call and the next you have inaudible slurs and finally a “your call has been disconnected” operator voice message plays from the other end. It is not limited to just terrible cell signal, but also drastically weakened network data speeds. On some days, you won’t even have a signal, to begin with. What is it that causes this? What is it that you can do? Let us analyze the fixes, one at a time.

Why Do You Have Difficulty Making Calls In The House?

A few reasons for experiencing a bad signal in the house are penned down:

Building materials

Since the cellular frequencies operate on a radio frequency, there are building materials that restrict and put a foot in the door of a decently strengthened cell signal. Materials like stone walls, e-glasses, and concrete do a great job is absorbing and re-directing the cell signal to a whole another direction. This means that the cell signal that reaches you is downright weakened than before it entered your house.

Shadowed Area

These are the areas that are out-of-sight of the cell towers. The nearer you are to a cell tower, the better will be the strength of the cell signal that gets captured by your smartphone. When you move away, and your line-of-sight is broken due to dense forests, hills, or large buildings, then your reception takes a hit below the belt. If you live in such an area, that is sparsely populated and hilly, then this must be the cause of a weakened signal.

The Incoming Cell Signal Is Weak

The cell signal reaching you is weak, to begin with. This means that even if you were to step outside, there would still be not much avail when it comes to the quality of the cell signal. This could be because the network traffic in your area could be a lot or that there is just far too much interference.

How Should You Fix Your Weak Cell Signal Issue?

If you are looking for a long term solution to getting your terrible reception fixed, then it would make sense for you to get yourself a cell phone signal booster. A cell phone booster is a device that takes the incoming weak cell signals, boosts it, and then rebroadcasts it for multiple devices in the vicinity. You don’t need a particular cell network operator or a special smartphone to be using the functionalities of the cell phone booster – any smartphone and cell network operator can make use of it.

You will never be charged with recurring costs in case you install a cell phone booster. It is a one-time fee for setting up the signal boosting device, and you are good to go for the next several years! The only need for the cell signal booster is to have a faint signal detectable by its receivers.

What If There Isn’t A Detectable Signal?

Cell network operators aren’t in the business of addressing every customer’s home signal issues. Every carrier has a coverage map which shows where they have their cell towers set up, and what are the areas that aren’t serviced. If you are in a spot that isn’t serviced, then worry not. There is another solution.

Using A Femtocell 

A Femtocell or a microcell is a device that makes use of a strong broadband internet connection to get you a usable cell signal. Think of it as a miniature version of the traditional cell phone tower. It makes use of an internet connection and is perfect to be used in places that don’t have even a sliver of a cell signal that can be detected by a cell signal booster. If you are using the femtocell for cell coverage in your home, then that is great – this device cannot be used in a vehicle. That said you need to have a stable internet connection to make the best use of the femtocell.

Plus, femtocells are provided for by individual service providers – this means that if 4 different cell operators are being used in your house, you will need 4 separate femtocells from four different network providers. The range of femtocell is also limited, and you can’t expect to be moving about while making a call or downloading something off of the net. Even if a cell signal is detected by your cell phone, the hand-off (trading of cell signal from one cell tower to another, which in this case is a Femtocell) is not smooth, and your call will disconnect. This issue doesn’t exist in cell boosters.

With this information in hand, you are in the right place to make a decision and get your cell signal, up and running!