Why A Cell Signal Booster Cannot Be Used Outdoors?

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Cell Signal Booster
Cell Signal Booster
Cell Signal Booster

Cell signal boosters are devices that are designed for boosting the strength of the cellular signals. These devices are now widely being used by a large number of people for solving the issues caused by poor cell reception. These devices are created for use in indoor areas, as they will not provide you any result when used outside. To know why they do not give results outdoors, it is important for you to know how a signal booster works. This will help you know whether it can be suitable for your situation.

How Do Cell Signal Boosters Work?

A signal booster works by capturing the signals from the outside areas. It will have an external antenna designed for this purpose. The signals received by the external antenna will reach the amplifier which has the duty to boost the strength of the incoming signals. These signals, whose strength is amplified, will be sent to the indoor areas with the help of an internal antenna so that the cellular devices can accept them. So a cell phone booster will work only if it can receive outside signals.

Where Can You Use A Signal Booster?

Signal boosters can be used in:


There is a wide range of cell signal boosters that are designed for homes. They vary greatly in terms of the number of users they can accommodate and the area they can cover. Whether you want to cover a single room or your entire house, there will be signal boosters designed to fit every situation. You can get a booster for your home based on the coverage area you need.


Signals boosters that can cover large square footage areas are available in the market. They can be an ideal choice for offices. There are signal boosters that can even cover large commercial buildings. So you can get a booster based on the size of your office.


You can also use cell signal boosters inside various vehicles like cars, trucks, vans, and RVs.

Why Signal Boosters Cannot Be Used In Outdoor Areas?

Signal boosters are designed to support enclosed spaces. The signals will have to be bounced off the walls for preventing their degradation. Therefore, your signals boosters need confined spaces for working. Otherwise, the signals will travel through the air and fade off. So the mobile devices will not be able to capture it.

When buying cell signal boosters, you have to be aware that they will work only if there is an enclosed space. So, they are suitable for use in your homes, offices, and vehicles.