General Information On 4G LTE Network Booster

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LTE Booster

Tired of making calls and being unable to listen clearly due to network issues while you are at home? Say goodbye to this problem by purchasing an LTE Booster. Given below are the answers to a few of the questions coming to your mind right now.

1.What Is A 4G LTE Booster?

This is a device that can be used to boost your 4G LTE voice and data coverage while you are indoors. These only support mobile devices with a 4G LTE network. The device is a miniature tower and is easy to install.

2.Where Can I Buy This Magical Device From?

You can purchase the device from online vendors and get it delivered at your doorstep.

3.In Which All Places Can I Make Use Of Its Powers?

You are free to make use of the services of this device in almost all places. There are a few places where you can’t and you will have to see if your place is in that list by searching online.

4.Is Owning A Computer A Requirement To Reap The Benefits Of This Device?

A computer isn’t a mandate for enjoying the benefits of this device but a broadband connection is a must-have for it.

5.Which Type Of Internet Connection Do I Require To Use The Device?

Ideally, the product is designed to work with a connection with a broadband speed of 5 Mbps uplink and 10 Mbps downlink. However, 10 Mbps uplink and 20 Mbps downlink or higher is the speed which is recommended by its experts.

6.Is It Possible For Me To Connect My Landline To The Device?

No! The product is specifically designed to be compatible with mobile devices only. So connecting it to your landline will do you no good.

7.Are There Additional Costs Involved?

No! Only those rates that are applicable to the plan that you have opted for at present will be collected from you. There is no question, what so ever, about any extra charges you would have to pay to enjoy the benefits of this product.

8.Is It Possible For Me To Update My 3G To 4G LTE Booster?

No! A 3G device cannot be used in place of a 4G LTE booster because both are two entirely different products, configured differently. Additionally, the 4G LTE booster is not compatible with 3G data or voice calls.