Familiarizing The Vodafone Repeater

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Vodafone Repeater

Are you feeling disquiet about the Vodafone signal trouble you are encountering at present? Do you wish to get this resolved as soon as possible? I know you have answered yes to the questions I shot at you just now. What can be done to ensure great Vodafone mobile signals? The answer is right in front of you! Signal repeater is your friend for life! In this specific case where you are a loyal Vodafone customer, a Vodafone repeater is your best friend! Let us look into a few details about a Vodafone repeater.

Signal Repeater

It is a type of amplifier that is used to enhance the mobile phone reception. It is usually bi-directional, that is it can send and receive the mobile signals that travel in the form of radiofrequency signals. It consists of a donor antenna that receives signals from outside, an amplifier unit that boosts signals, and an inside antenna that rebroadcasts signals to mobile phones and other connected devices.

Key Features

A Vodafone repeater is the most convenient solution to signal trouble; regardless of your present location. By location, I mean, your office building or home. The kit is a complete package that includes an external antenna, the required cabling, a repeater or booster, and lastly, the internal antenna. The device is perfectly compatible with all the major Vodafone mobiles and modems. It perfectly supports 3G and 4G frequencies of 900 to 2100 MHz, and 1800 to 2100 MHz, respectively. Upon manual selection, the device can potentially support the frequency of 2600 MHz.


When installed, the device provides optimal indoor coverage, thereby enhancing the reliability of text messages and phone calls. This ultimately improves the 3G and 4G services at your offices and homes. The device makes use of a wideband whip antenna which is ideal to attract signals outdoors. It provides coverage within the range of 30 m and 60 m for any ideal house or office environment.

In the case of open spaces like farms or supermarkets, this device impressively covers a radius of 100 m. Similar to other wireless systems this device fails to function optimally when mounted amidst thick building materials. Concrete and other similar building materials interfere with the signal being transmitted and therefore it hinders the functioning of the device to a great extent.

Together with being super-efficient, the device is also very flexible to work with. For instance, this particular Vodafone device comes with the option of splitting the donor antenna. That is to say, you can install multiple donor antennas to attract signals.