What Is CBRS? How It Could Change Your Business

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There has been a long-standing wait for 5G wireless technologies to be rolled out, and also the exciting advents that IoT devices have been able to bring to the table. The marriage between the two is expected to usher a new generation of advancement that is destined to shape human endeavor in the pursuit of science and technology.

There is, however, something else that is a cause of much anticipated excitement. When this technology is coupled with, 5G and IoT, there is no telling what we can accomplish. What am I on about?  CBRS.

Wave Of Development

The release of CBRS band has been the source of much buzz among the wireless service providers and the private enterprises, and obviously among the consumers who are always perched, constantly on the look-out for faster, reliable and smoother forms of connectivity. The gauging of wireless broadband access is still in its infantile stages and there is yet potential to be discovered and explored.

Considering the limited frequency bands and the growing demand for wireless data transfer, charged by the mobile smart-phone dominated era, it is not too early for organizations to cover in the gap of supply and demand. But the question still remains: will it be able to usher in cheaper and faster connectivity that we have expected from it? How will it change the way in which we communicate and send information across one another in the coming years?

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves just this soon.

What Is CBRS? What Does It Stand For?

It stands for Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) which is a broadband band of 150 MHz of the spectrum that falls in the 3500 to 3700 MHz or simply the 3.5 GHz range. This was a frequency that was earlier reserved for the U.S Navy’s radar system. This spectrum was, however, not being utilized well enough by entities like the U.S government. With the already shortage in the available frequencies, the demand for wireless data communication reached a fever pitch. The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) made this band public with so as to better boost the use of commercial wireless services.

This is a band that is specific to only the United States of America and is open to network operators. It is dynamic and has a three-tiered spectrum access system and an authorization framework that will accommodate both for federal and non-federal use.

How Will CBRS Help Your Business?

If you run your business operations in the United States, then there are considerable benefits. Let us take a look at what these are:

Better Propagation

The 3.5 GHz spectrum is valuable for the reason that it is able to penetrate walls and traverse longer distances. Based on the statistics and information gathered, it is estimated that consumers will be able to enjoy 4 times the coverage and at the speed that is twice the existing Wi-Fi networks.

The CBRS band will help in resolving the current inadequacies of cellular coverage and help to extend communication to larger buildings and premises such as commercial office parks, manufacturing plants, hospitals, hotels and skyscrapers.

Offers Better Security Than Wi-Fi

It is more air-tight and secure than Wi-Fi. The deployment of CBRS devices for securing the required coverage can be imagined as of being similar to conventional Wi-Fi access points, but with higher security. The stringent cybersecurity measures and the designs that provide a higher level of protection from cybersecurity threats and hacks is definitely a selling point to incorporating CBRS as your communication channel.

Open And Available

It is open for anybody, and everybody, barring a few cell operators. It gives an entry for small and large corporations to deploy their own LTE/5G networks. The opening provides participating companies an incentive, both for competition as well as to lead in cutting-edge products and services.

It Reduces The Frequency Shortages

It is expected that the available frequencies will fall into inadequacies as the demand skyrockets in the distant future. There is an increase in the consumption of wireless data transfer and communication services. There is no sign of slowing down, and it is only a matter of time until the communication pathways are chocked. With the entry of the CBRS band, it means that the playing field is widened and hopefully improves the performance of wireless networks.

The Tried And Tested

Although this is promising news on American soil, what does the rest of the world have? What is the ace in the hole? Well, there is always the trusty cell phone signal booster that is ready to have your back if you are suffering from a case of terrible cell reception. The cell phone booster is a great investment that will help in bridging the gap between having constant call drops and always being connected to the grid!