Why You Have Bad Cell Reception And How You Can Fix It

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The scene that I’m about to describe has played out far too often: You have your legs kicked up on a desk, and are happily chatting away with your childhood friend that you haven’t met for years. You are enjoying the conversation, laughing and reminiscing….and finally, you are greeted by a beeping sound at the end of the line. Didn’t my joke land or did the call just hang up? A look at your cell screen and you see the familiar “No signal available” message flashing across the screen.

If your day is bad, then you would have been on a call with an investor or a client that you are trying to rope into your business.  The last vote of confidence they need is for the phone call to drop- maybe a divine intervention to not engage with the business? Divine intervention or not, it is just your cell phone playing spoilsport- or more so the signal reaching it. So the million-dollar question is: how do you fix it?

Nine of the ten times, there is a constant line stream of data being supplied from the cell phone to the cell tower and vice versa. But every so often, when you are sitting in the living room or walking down to the basement or in rush hour traffic- your phone drops off the face of the earth.

Whatever be the issue, it is no match for the trusty cell phone signal booster! Let us take a look at some of the causes of cell signal disruption. Read on.

  • Building Materials

Steel, concrete, wood, glass and most of the materials that make up the skeleton of modern architecture can play spoilsport with your cell signal. It obstructs the flow of cell signals, much like traffic cones that the cell signals have to weave through.

Even the aluminum roofing that is keeping you dry is also known to weaken the cell signal strength severely. The reason is because the signal is bounced off, absorbed and refracted over the various surfaces- by the time it reaches your cell phone it is nothing but a paltry image of its former self.

If your building is to blame, then putting up a cell phone booster will help in amplifying the cell signals and give you uninterrupted cell coverage.

  • Geography

If you despised geography in school, then here is another reason to hate it. The varying terrains of hills, mountains, forest and foliage do plenty to block incoming cell signals. Man-made structures from the concrete jungles to suspension bridges- all are responsible for obstructing cell reception. If your cell phone loses signal in rocky terrain, then there is a good chance that the nearest cell tower is well over the opposite face of the peak.

  • User Traffic

Cell phone towers are like traffic policemen that direct traffic flow to different destinations and directions. When the flow of vehicles is low, the task is easy and not too overwhelming. The equation changes the minute there is rush-hour traffic and cars honking left, right and center. The cell tower seizes up when the user traffic is beyond its carrying capacity. This is why you often lose signal or the voice quality is terrible when you are in crowded spaces like a baseball game or a parade.

  • Blocked Antenna

The smart phones of today are packed in a sleek rectangular frame that snuggles into your palm. But the way it receives the incoming cell signal is still using the antenna that its predecessors had. Just because it isn’t sticking up half a meter doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

A blocked antenna could be a reason for abysmal performance; using a phone case that isn’t for your specific model can also cause this. Have a thorough look, and inspect for damages. If you have dents and/or a cracked screen, then the fall damage might have disrupted its functioning. Head down to a service center and get it fixed.

  • Distance From The Nearest Tower

This should not come as a surprise. The further you are from the nearest cell tower, the worse will be the cell signal strength. The distance is inversely proportional to how far you are- the closer, the better the signal strength. As the signal traverses distance, it loses strength- using a cell booster will restore the cell strength and give you a good signal.

Cell Phone Signal Booster- The One Solution For All Your Problems

A cell booster will be worth your time and be a value addition over the years. You needn’t go online and search for a solution to your bad cell signal. Get yourself a cell signal booster and you are sorted for the most part. There are no monthly fees, and it works with all networks and phones alike!