A Brief Guide To The Installation Process Of Cell Phone Booster In Your House

Cell Phone Booster
Cell Phone Booster
Cell Phone Booster
Cell Phone Booster

A signal booster is an electronic device designed specifically to improve the cell reception of a small area by increasing the strength of the incoming cell signals. The signal booster has an outside antenna for capturing the cell signal, an amplifier unit to boost the cell signal, and an inside antenna for redistributing the boosted cell signal.

Once you install a cell phone booster in your house, you will no longer experience call drops or slow data speed inside your house. With stronger cell signals, you will be able to make clearer voice calls.

Follow these steps to install a cell phone booster in your house.

Find The Best Outside Cell Signal

Before you start installing the components of the cell phone booster, you need to find the best cell signal outside your house. If you do not know where the nearest cell tower to your house is, just walk around the perimeter of your house with your cell phone and look at the signal bars on the phone.

When you move towards the area of the house where the cell reception is better, you will start seeing the signal bars in your cell phone increasing. You can also use different apps that will help to figure out the signal strength. There are several android apps that can be used to test the signal strength near your house.

Once you find the area outside your house with better cell reception, you should install the outside antenna of the signal booster.

Install The Outside Antenna

After figuring out the area of your house with the best outside cell signal, you should install the outside antenna of the cell phone booster there. Usually, professional installers mount the outside antenna on the roof of the house or near the edge of the roof.

If the roof is not an option, try to mount it on a high pole. The thing is if the antenna is on a high point, there will be minimum obstacles that block the cell signals. Make sure to point the outside antenna away from the house and towards the cell tower.

Most of the cell phone booster kits also contain an instruction manual that will help you to install each of the signal booster components. In addition to the components, the kits also contain mounting hardware that makes your job easier. Make sure that the antenna if tightly mounted on the roof.

Connect The Outside Antenna To The Amplifier

The next step in the installation process of the in-house cell phone booster is connecting the outside antenna to the amplifier unit. You need a coaxial cable to connect both these components. Before connecting the outside antenna, you need to find a safe place for the amplifier inside the house.

It is usually recommended to mount the amplifier unit in the room where you want the better cell reception. That way you do not have to use long cables for connecting the amplifier unit and the inside antenna and avoid the loss of signal strength through the cables. Make sure to mount the amplifier unit near a power outlet.

Most people run the coaxial cable from the outside antenna through the attic or the window. Some people drill a hole through the wall to run the cable. However, do not forget to waterproof the hole after running the cable.

Mount The Inside Antenna

First, you have to figure out which room of your house needs better cell reception. If you have a home office and you work there regularly, you should install the inside antenna there. If you do not have a home office, you can mount the inside antenna in your bedroom or drawing-room.

You can install the inside antenna of the signal booster on the wall or the ceiling of the room. The panel antenna (the inside antenna that can be mounted on the wall) is mainly used to rebroadcast amplified cell signals in narrow rooms and corridors.

The dome antenna is mounted on the ceiling and it is capable of redistributing amplified cell signals equally to all directions. Make sure that there is enough vertical and horizontal separation between the inside and outside antenna to prevent oscillation.

Power Up Signal Booster

After installing all the components of the signal booster in the necessary position, you can plug in the amplifier unit to the power outlet. When you turn on the power, the amplifier unit will sync up and all the green lights on the amplifier will light up. This means that you are getting amplified cell signals from the device.

Sometimes you have to make some adjustments to the antenna placements after you install. During such situations, unplug the power supply for a few seconds after the adjustment and plug it back in.