What Is The Importance Of Soft Installing A Cell Phone Booster?

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Cell Phone Booster

The installation procedure of a cell phone booster has a lot to do with the performance of the device. If you want the maximum signal boosting, the installation has to be perfect with the components placed at the ideal points.

In this article we discuss about soft install of cell phone boosters and its importance.

What Is Cell Phone Booster?

We’ll start by describing cell phone boosters for people who do not have much idea about the device. A cell phone booster is a device that is used to amplify cellular signals and improve cellular signals quality at a place. It has three major components, outdoor antenna, amplifier and indoor antenna.

The outdoor antenna captures cellular signals from the outside and sends them to the amplifier unit of the booster system that is placed indoors. The amplifier boosts the signals received from the external antenna and sends them to the indoor antenna, which then broadcasts these boosted signals within its coverage area.

What Is Soft Install Of Cell Phone Booster?

Soft install is a trial installation carried out before permanent installation. It helps you figure out the ideal set up for cell phone booster installation that ensures maximum booster performance.

In the soft installation, the antennas are simply placed at different points but not permanently. The cables are then run connecting the outdoor antenna to the amplifier and the amplifier to the indoor antenna.  After analyzing the booster performance corresponding to that setup, you may try out some other points for placing antennas and other entry points to run the cables inside.

How Useful Is A Soft Install Of Cell Phone Booster?

Soft install of a cell phone booster helps us:

Identify The Ideal Antenna Positions

Placing the outdoor and indoor antennas at right points and using the shortest possible cable length are important in ensuring signal booster performance. A soft installation gives a better idea about antenna positions.

Ensure The Ideal Separation Between Outdoor And Indoor Antenna

If there isn’t adequate separation distance between the outdoor and indoor antenna, oscillation can be expected. Ensuring adequate horizontal and vertical distance between the outdoor and indoor antenna is important to avoid the issue of oscillation and soft install is a great way to do it.

Avoid Overload

Overload is caused by too strong cellular signals being captured by the outdoor antenna. In some cases, it is caused by very small distances between the outdoor antenna and the cell tower. Redirecting the outdoor antenna away from the tower can solve the issue of overload. Soft install helps detect overload issues prior to permanent installation.

Performing a soft install is important to detect any flaws and correct them prior to the permanent installation of the singla booster system.